Worshipful Master

W. Bro. Richard Stafford

Berkhampstead Lodge No. 504

Province of Hertfordshire

in the United Grand Lodge of England

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As a jolly, convivial and adventurous bunch of rapscallions, we're always looking for social occasions outside of our official meetings, where we can invite non-masonic friends, and our wives/partners to come along and enjoy an afternoon or evening of fun.




Our ladies got fed up with us swanning off to enjoy ourselves with good food, wine and a natter. So they decided what's good for the goose is good for the gander! Now, whenever we have a meeting, any of the Lodge ladies, or widows of past members, all meet up for an informal evening at a local restaurant. If you'd like your lady to take part, get in touch with the secretary.


January 16th 2020

175 years of Berkhamsted Freemasonry. This will be the 175th time that a Worshipful Master will have been installed into the Chair of King Solomon, following an unbroken line of Worshipful Masters since 1845.

THIS IS GOING TO BE A SPECIAL MEETING INDEED. Get in touch with the Secretary, or a lodge member who you know, to secure your invitation.

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