Worshipful Master

W. Bro. Graham Gilbert

Berkhampstead Lodge No. 504

Province of Hertfordshire

in the United Grand Lodge of England

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As a jolly, convivial and adventurous bunch of rapscallions, we're always looking for social occasions outside of our official meetings, where we can invite non-masonic friends, and our wives/partners to come along and enjoy an afternoon or evening of fun.




Our ladies got fed up with us swanning off to enjoy ourselves with good food, wine and a natter. So they decided what's good for the goose is good for the gander! Now, whenever we have a meeting, any of the Lodge ladies, or widows of past members, all meet up for an informal evening at a local restaurant. If you'd like your lady to take part, get in touch with the secretary.

Forthcoming events for the year 2018