Worshipful Master

W. Bro. Richard Stafford

Berkhampstead Lodge No. 504

Province of Hertfordshire

in the United Grand Lodge of England

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Traffle Wine

What's "Traffle Wine"?? I hear you all cry. It's an idea I had when observing at one Festive Board (perhaps after a glass or two of the aforementioned substance!) that I'm sure there must be bottles of wine that have travelled the country from raffle to raffle, without ever being drunk. So it could be termed "Travel wine". Combine that with "Raffle Wine", and that's where it comes from. So I pasted a label onto a bottle, with the request not to ever drink it, but to place it into another raffle and to email me with the brother's name and Lodge who is the winner. That way, we can track it's progress. It was sent out into the world in May 2016.

Brother T.W. Greene - ingham Clark Lodge 8164 - Wallingford Masonic Centre, Berks. - 3/11/2016


Dear Bro O’Keeffe

I was the fortunate winner of this rather charming bottle of raffle wine at the Ingham Clarke Installation meeting in March this year.

The bottle has travelled back with me to sunny Staffordshire and will be raffled again in due course and once again sent on it’s way.


your sincerely and fraternally




W Bro Ralph Howarth Provincial Grand Almoner, PPrGStwd

Worshipful Master

Chartley Lodge No 7569, Stafford - 14/5/2017


Unfortunately, that seems to be as far as it got, before it (probably) got consumed. But who knows - maybe it's still out there somewhere, like a vinyard version of the Marie Celeste, doomed to wander the masonic world forever, without ever being uncorked! If it does re-appear, I'll post an update here.