Worshipful Master

W. Bro. Colin Hunt

Berkhampstead Lodge No. 504

Province of Hertfordshire

in the United Grand Lodge of England

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Next meeting: Thursday 16th January 2020 at 17:00


to be held at Gables Hall Masonic Centre

LOI - Contact webmaster or secretary for details

Held at St. John's Hall Northchurch

If any brother from a different Lodge would like to attend our next meeting, (and has not already been registered as a visitor by a member of the Lodge),  please contact the Secretary on the contact page above. You'll be delighted by a quality ceremony, in a unique setting in Gables Hall Masonic Centre in Linslade, followed by an exquisite meal at the Festive Board. Don't wait to be invited by one of us - get clicking on that button to become a visitor to one of Happy Hertfordshire's oldest lodges.

Berkhampstead Lodge No. 504 is one of the oldest Lodges in the masonic Province of Hertfordshire, having been founded in 1845. For a while, we went by the number 742, but the re-organisation during the unification of the Grand Lodge resulted in us being renumbered as 504.


The very first Worshipful Master of our Lodge was the Rev. Stephen Lea Wilson.


Originally the "Town Lodge", the Lodge met in The King's Arms in Berkhamsted. It was customary in those days for masonic meetings to be held in public houses, as masonic centres as we are now used to, did not exist then. So while it is certainly not right to say that Freemasonry is a drinking man's club, it can be construed that Freemasons have, from time imemorial, been sociable, charitable and jolly men.


The Lodge still owns some memorable relics from those days, including some very

old "Firing" glasses. If you don't know what masonic fire is, then you're obviously not

a Mason. But if you're interested enough to be reading this, then you SHOULD be

one. Click on the link, above, to get in touch.


You will note that the Lodge name is written differently to the way our town now

appears on maps. That is because it is the way that the name of the town was spellt

back in those days. It is unlikely that all the Lodge members then were local to

Berkhampstead. Rather it was fashionable to take the "new-fangled" railway to

pleasant places within travelling distance, to get away fom the smoke and grime

which was London at the time.


As the town, and its affluence, grew, so the membership would have been more and more recruited locally. However, as mobility has increased substantially during the post-war years, many of our members now come, once again, from further afield.


When it was not possible to meet in the King's Arms any more, the Lodge had the choice of relocating to the St. Albans masonic centre, or Gables Hall in Linslade, near Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. For many of the Lodge members Linslade represented an easier journey, and it is a uniquely beatiful centre. It was originally owned by the Finch family, and the many stained glass windows in the temple enthrall visitors to this day.


We are honoured to have the Very Worshipful Peter Lowndes, the current Pro-Grand Master, as an Honorary Member of our lodge, which is due to his great Grandfather, William Lowndes, being a Worshipful Master of our lodge back in 1893.


We are also delighted to name the current Provincial Grand Master and some of his officers as Honorary Members. 


Our installation meeting inJanuary 2020 will be the 175th Anniversary of our Lodge. If you would like an invitation to this very special and rare occasion, please get in touch with the secretary via the Contacts Page